Smart Coconut Creamer™

Smart Coconut Creamer™


180 grams. 30 servings.

A dairy and soy-free creamer should be much more than adding a sub-par, fake cream to a luscious beverage. Our Smart Coconut Creamer not only tastes amazing as a complement to any hot beverage, smoothie, warm cereal, or baked good, but our three simple ingredients are incredibly functional.

  • Organic coconut milk powder. Most coconut powders contain detrimental chemicals and additives to prevent clumping. Our certified organic, non-GMO, pure and clean label coconut milk powder is free from corn maltodextrin. Coconut milk powder is a great source of fiber, iron, and medium chain triglycerides and is very low in sugar.


  • Caprylic Acid Powder - a medium chain triglyceride (MCT), specifically with 8 carbons, that really packs a punch with its functional benefits. Our creamer uses caprylic acid powder for its ability to burn fat by raising ketone levels quickly while suppressing hunger.


  • D-ribose - the building block for ATP, the primary energy source for all living cells. Instead of spiking blood sugar and decreasing your body's ability to burn fat, D-ribose promotes muscular energy production and can help speed recovery and reduce fatigue after workouts.

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