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About Birota Foods

The word "Birota" means bicycle in Latin. Wait. A food company with a bicycle name? What gives? Well, our founders, Bob and Bri, not only share a love of bicycles but have an intense passion for food, nutrition and athletic performance.

In fact, the idea of Smart Cocoa was born on a bike. You see, on a cold winter day in Colorado, Bob was out on a ride trying to stay warm and fantasizing about a nice, warm cup of hot cocoa. He didn't want to drink a typical pro-inflammatory cup of sugar with cheap chocolate powder so he began brainstorming different functional ingredients he could mix together that would warm his soul, feed his body and energize his brain.

Once he returned from his ride, he transformed into "Bob the mad culinary scientist" and in a matter of minutes, his kitchen looked like a war zone of powders, measuring spoons, cups and scales. The first version of Smart Cocoa was a little rough around the edges but it was functionally sound.

Enter Bri. Bob knew he needed a partner who was an expert in food science and culinary nutrition and Bri, along with being a Sport Dietitian, was the obvious choice. Bri embraced Bob's idea for the functional properties of Smart Cocoa, took his ideas for the first version of Smart Cocoa and went to work in the kitchen. What you have with our Smart Cocoa and Smart Coconut Creamer is rougly 18 months of research, development, tasting, perfecting and love poured into products that not only taste awesome but contain some serious functional properties that will improve health and performance.*

Our ingredients are second to none in terms of quality. We source the best of the best from top notch manufacturers who share our values. We don't cut corners with our ingredients and we don't add any unnecessary fillers or additives into our products.

What you see is what you get. High quality ingredients. Great tasting products. Functional ingredients to improve health and athletic performance.* It's as simple as that!

We care about food and want to be sure you understand what is in our products and who we are. We are Registered/Sport Dietitians with more than 25 years of real-life experience so our "street cred" is pretty high. We don't hide in office cubicles. We are outside on our bikes, running on trails, lifting heavy things or sometimes, just sipping a cup of Smart Cocoa enjoying time with family and friends.


Bob Seebohar

Bob grew up in an Italian family and has spent many, many hours in the kitchen learning, cooking and well, eating! He learned his culinary "mad scientist" skills from his grandmother and mother. He has let his taste buds guide his culinary education by always adopting the "little bit of this, little bit of that" Italian way of cooking. One of his favorite hobbies is creating new ways to use functional ingredients to give a tantalizing taste profile along with having a positive impact on health and performance.

Professionally, Bob has two masters degrees in Health and Exercise Science and Food Science and Human Nutrition. He is a Registered/Sport Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and Elite Endurance Coach. He was the Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Florida and was one of the very first Sport Dietitians at the US Olympic Committee where he was chosen as the US Team Sport Dietitian for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Yeah, he can talk the talk but can he walk the walk? Um, heck ya! Growing up a competitive soccer player, Bob turned to endurance events during his university undergraduate studies and has never looked back. He has completed hundreds of multisport events including Ironman races, the Boston Marathon, Ragnar, the Leadville 100 trail run (twice), the Leadville 100 mountain bike race (twice), the Leadman series of grueling events, and even the Spartan World Championships in Lake Tahoe, California. He enjoys exploring the limits of human performance from a training and nutritional perspective.

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Briana Risk

Bri is extremely decorated and talented individual. Having pretty much grown up in a commercial kitchen since she was 14 years old, Bri started her first company at the age of 15 selling baked goods at her parents’ office. Here's where it gets really good. Bri attend the Culinary Institute of America (the Harvard of culinary schools) at the age of 19 and received the "cream of the crop" scholarship that is only granted to a select few that the Institute feels will drive industry and make a positive impact on the field. Since graduating has worked in an array of foodservice operations spanning from 5-star restaurants, hotel operations, kitchen management, and industrial food science. Each position she has worked on feverishly to learn and hone her skills.

In addition to culinary school, Bri earned a triple concentration cum laude Bachelor’s in Food Science, Dietetics and Pre-Med. Being fascinated by the biochemical cascade system of digestion and nutrition; she started to think about the human body from an integrative standpoint. After graduating college she worked as a private chef specializing in autoimmune disorders while learning functional nutrition from an IFM physician. After finishing her clinical Registered Dietitian internship and passing certification for Sports Dietetics, she formed her sports nutrition consulting company and currently works with many different types of athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

As you can see, Bri has quite the background in the culinary arts and nutrition but is she athletic? Um, yeah! Bri has been an athlete since she started ballet at 3 years old. Growing up she competed in swimming, Dressage and volleyball while enjoying other sports such as soccer, weight lifting, martial arts, rock climbing, and running. In college she placed 5th nationally for freestyle snowboarding and switched to triathlon after breaking her back in a snowboarding accident. She has raced all triathlon distances including the full Ironman and is always looking for that next level. Currently, she is an adrenaline junkie for anything ultra-endurance. The longer and more insane and challenging, the better and she supplements this type of training with Crossfit and Olympic lifting for balance and injury prevention.

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We want to share our passion and desire for functional ingredients and their impact on improving your health and athletic performance.

Welcome to Birota Foods!