2 bags of Smart Cocoa™

2 bags of Smart Cocoa™


250 grams. 15 servings.

Smart Cocoa is a revolutionary way to enjoy cocoa in so many functional ways! As you read through our ingredients, you will notice they are all of highest quality and each has a very specific, functional role in the body.

  • Alkalized red and black cocoa - our cocoa supplier holds the highest standards for cultivating the best quality cocoa on the planet. Our blend of red and black cocoa not only tickles the taste buds but also has all of these great, functional benefits:

    • packed with flavonoids that can help improve the elasticity of blood vessels and lower blood pressure

    • contains a super high antioxidant capacity that crushes those nasty free radicals in the body

    • enhances blood flow, thereby improving brain health, learning and memory

    • has a positive effect on blood lipids, specifically helping to reduce triglycerides and LDL cholesterol, and increasing HDL cholesterol

    • helps improve glucose metabolism and regulation, which can help control blood sugar

    • enhanced mood via the flavonols in the cocoa

    • relaxes bronchial spasms and opens the airway, providing relief from bronchial asthma and some allergies due to the compounds xanthine and theophylline in the cocoa


  • Organic coconut milk powder - Most coconut powders contain detrimental chemicals and additives to prevent clumping. Our certified organic, non-GMO, pure and clean label coconut milk powder is free from corn maltodextrin. Coconut milk powder is a great source of fiber, iron, medium chain triglycerides and is very low in sugar.


  • Caprylic acid powder - a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) that really packs a punch with its functional benefits. Our creamer uses caprylic acid powder for its ability to burn fat by raising ketone levels quickly and enhancing fat burning, while suppressing hunger.


  • D-ribose - the building block for ATP, the primary energy source for all living cells. Instead of spiking blood sugar and decreasing your body's ability to burn fat, D-ribose promotes muscular energy production and can help speed recovery and reduce fatigue after workouts. 


  • Cinnamon - a powerhouse spice with a high amount of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It also has many health benefits such as promoting better digestion and immunity and has the ability to help control and lower blood sugar levels.


  • Stevia - quite possibly the best stevia on the market. It has a high quality, robust sweet flavor without bitterness or licorice aftertastes like other stevia extracts.

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