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A few words from our happy customers!

As an athlete, mom, and a skeptic, I am typically hesitant to believe claims on nutritional products until I experience them myself. I decided to try Birota Foods Smart Cocoa and Smart Coconut Creamer to see if they might help balance my food cravings and regular energy crashes. I start my days early with a 5:30 am yoga class, typically have my coffee before I go, and then hit the ground running for the day. Between work and kids and juggling life, my days were peppered with regular sugar crashes, upset stomach, and energy lows - especially mid morning and late afternoon.

Since I started a new rhythm of adding the Smart Coconut Creamer to my morning coffee, and ending my day with a warm cup of Smart Cocoa after dinner, I have found I feel more balanced and energized throughout the day, and am not craving the junk I typically do. I feel stronger and more balanced at my early yoga class, and find I am not hungry until lunch. Ending my day with Smart Cocoa has taken away evening salt, sugar and wine cravings, and left me sleeping sound and feeling energized when I wake up.
— Amanda H.

Smart Coconut Creamer is a great addition to my morning coffee. I enjoy the subtle and natural taste of coconut, and the little extra energy from the MCTs comes without a craving inducing sugar bump. It kept me going strong until a late lunch without any dips in focus. Nice job Birota!
— Brianna S.

I put a scoop of Smart Cocoa in my coffee to give it some mocha flair and it is delicious! I am hooked! I have tried grating dark chocolate into my coffee but that just doesn’t work. Adding Smart Cocoa works great. There’s no clumping and no bitter taste. I also love the health benefits it provides me!
— Claudine L.

I LOVE the Smart Coconut Creamer. Adding it to a hot drink adds a richness with health benefits. I do not miss adding cream to my coffee. Another benefit is that is adds the creaminess without changing the flavor of your drink; there is not a strong coconut taste. I even travel with it so I don’t have to go without or be tempted to use a less healthy option!
— Jodie G.

I just finished my first mug of Smart Cocoa and can honestly say that it won’t be my last.  It is delicious and, thankfully, not overly sweet.  The added touch of cinnamon brings about feelings of warm fires and snowy days made even better with the knowledge of the benefits for my body and recovery. Quite possibly the best tasting cocoa I have had in quite sometime. YUM!
— Julie L.

I really like the Smart Cocoa.  It is actually like having a healthy, sweet treat and is the healthy hot cocoa I’ve always been looking for. I drink it stand alone or I’ll have it in my coffee for a mocha. I like that it also isn’t a huge calorie bomb either.
— Mark M.

I love the Smart Coconut Creamer! It tastes delicious and offers a healthy, “smart” alternative to dairy creamers and even some of the would-be healthy non-dairy creamers you can find these days. It’s gluten, dairy, gum and carrageenan free - and still tastes awesome! I’m a big fan!
— Taylor M.

My energy and focus was amazing after a cup of Smart Cocoa. Love the rich chocolate flavor with the creamer. I mix up a cup of Smart Cocoa for an energy boost and at age 68, there is no comparison on the market that tastes as good, gives me that extra “perk” that I need not to mention the health benefits I have experienced with Birota!!!! I highly recommend Birota Foods.
— Linda S.

I just tried the Smart Cocoa. Let me say that I am blown away by how great it tastes! Love the cinnamon in it. I never thought I’d be a cocoa drinker but I am now! Well done!
— Rob F.

Our family loves Birota Foods Smart Cocoa. We use it to make delicious hot cocoa, which has received rave reviews from teen triathletes staying with us. My son loves to add a little bit to his protein muffin mix before baking, it adds a chocolate sweetness without the added sugar. Our favorite sweet treat is to add a bit of Smart Cocoa to a small amount of almond milk to make a syrup for strawberries, bananas or oatmeal. We love Birota Smart Cocoa for its health benefits, versatility, and amazing taste!
— Shawn T.

As an high performing athlete and person who tries to eat healthy, I love both the Smart Cocoa and Smart Coconut Creamer. Both products help me to suppress my hunger especially when I am intermittent fasting and give me that mental edge but most appreciative that your products taste great (for me that is an added bonus). Thank you!
— Jay R.

I absolutely love the Smart Cocoa. It is very flavorful and I am slowly becoming addicted to it!
— Nicci S.

I love the quality and versatility of the products that Birota Foods offers. I’ve been using cocoa powder in my smoothies for years but when I first tried the Birota Foods Smart Cocoa, I instantly knew there was something different with its rich smooth cocoa taste. Since then, I’ve used it when making homemade protein pancakes, and even mix it in with coffee grinds before brewing to add cocoa rich flavor.

What’s even more important is the ingredients used in Smart Cocoa have scientific evidence to optimize health.
— Tavis P., Sport Dietitian